The well-presented and flexible RT34, comprises of a high resolution 34sqm LED super screen, TV Production facilities and self-contained power supply.  Once positioned, the unit can be fully operable in under 20minutes.

High impact branding opportunities are available. The RT34 can be used either on the back of the trailer, freestanding in the POD or directly on the ground reducing the footprint.

Overall the RT34, LED Super Screen will provide a fantastic presentation to your customers.

To enquire about booking the RT34 LED Super Screen, please click here.




The HRV42 is arguably Australia’s best mobile outdoor Super Screen and will provide great value to your sponsors and enhance the Customer Experience. Engineered to stand winds up to 160kph this 42sqm LED Super Screen uses Barco’s 10XP pixel sharing technology providing 470lines of v10mm resolution.

This well presented unit can be operational in under 30minutes.

To enquire about booking the HRV42, please click here.


The MRC80 is Australia’s largest mobile outdoor Super Screen with a visual resolution of 6mm it utilises full High Definition signals and has an overall resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This enormous HD LED Screen can be operational in under 40minutes.

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