Indoor LED Screens


The TV7 is a revolutionary, consumer grade 160 inch LED big screen TV.

This high resolution LED Screen has been designed for customers that require a high quality LED product at consumer grade prices.  With options of P2.5 and 2.9mm SMD,  the TV7 provides exceptional viewing in an indoor environment and is an ideal size for an event, school or for personal use.

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Indoor LED Screens
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Model TV93 Model TV139
Dimensions 2.048m x 1.152m = 2.36sqm Dimensions 3.072m x 1.728m = 5.31sqm
Diagonally 93” Diagonally 139”
Resolution 768 x 432 pixels Resolution 1152 x 648 pixels
Price $28,500+GST Price $39,700+GST
Model TV116 Model TV185
Dimensions 2.56m x 1.44m = 3.69sqm Dimensions 4.096m x 2.304m = 9.44sqm
Diagonally 116” Diagonally 185”
Resolution 960 x 540 pixels Resolution 1536 x 864 pixels
Price $33,600+GST Price $56,120+GST

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